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Spring Rain

Trigger your sensuality with Bref Brilliant Gel All in 1* Spring Rain.

*considering its four functions.

Enjoy with every flush a wonderful and long-lasting scent experience inspired by intimate and sensual fine fragrances, at once fresh, romantic, timeless and modern.

Bref Brilliant Gel All in 1* offers several features that will take the cleanliness of your toilet to the next level. It is the first premium gel toilet rim block, containing spheres made of gel – an absolute innovation.

This latest gel technology comprises 4 product benefits:

  1. Power foam
  2. Dirt protection
  3. Perfume fresh
  4. Bright shine

With every flush your toilet is cleaned, protected from adhering dirt and offered a refreshing scent experience, while it shines visibly. Thanks to its long-lasting formula, you will enjoy 20% more flushes** for brilliant cleanliness.

*considering its four functions.

** vs. Bref Power Aktiv.

  1. Remove aluminium foil.
  2. Place the product under the rim of the toilet where the water flow is best.
  3. Replace when the gel spheres have completely dissolved.


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