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Bref Deluxe Magic Moonflower

Luxurious toilet perfume inspired by fine fragrances.

Shiny cleanliness and magic scent until the last flush.

Bref DeLuxe - Luxurious perfume for your toilet

Inspired by exclusive fragrances, the Bref DeLuxe Magic Flower cubes will turn your bathroom into a pleasant oasis. Enjoy the intensity and the best quality of unique fragrances, from the very first use. Thanks to their unique design and captivating colors, they fit perfectly under the rim of the toilet bowl.

Choose Bref - it's an easy way to keep your toilet clean and fresh, in between and with each flush!

  1. Take Bref De Luxe out of the packaging and unfold the pendant.
  2. Place the cube under the rim of the toilet bowl.
  3. For best results, place the bar at the point of maximum water flow while rinsing.


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