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Bref Duo-Aktiv

A storm of freshness and scent with every flush!

The powerful combination of a WC Cleaner and a freshener in one product.

With Duo-Aktiv, enjoy a storm of freshness and scent each time you flush!

Thanks to its two compartments, Bref Duo-Aktiv combines the performance of a toilet cleaner and fresheners in one product.
The blue compartment contains cleaning agents that fight limescale and dirt; the right compartment contains a pleasant scent that refreshes your toilet every time you flush.
You can see Bref Duo-Aktiv immediate action thanks to the rich foam formed at the surface of the water.

Bref Duo-Aktiv lasts up to 250 flushes.

  1. Click the duo chamber into the basket
  2. Hang the support on the rim of your toilet
  3. Adjust the Bref Duo-Aktiv to the water flow

With refill:

  1. Take out the empty duo chamber from the basket
  2. Click the new refill into the basket


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