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Bref in Tanks Cleaning Cube

Looking for a long lasting hygienic and fresh solution for your toilet?

The combination of: 1) Hygienic cleaning 2) Blue Water refreshing power with every flush!

Bref In Tanks Cleaning Cube ensures cleanliness and freshness of your toilet bowl:

  • Prevents lime and dirt accumulations
  • Provides hygienic freshness for up to 800 flushes
  • Gives the rinse water a fresh blue color

  1. Throw Bref In Tanks Cleaning cube together with the soluble foil into the water tank
  2. Make sure you place it on the opposite side of the water inlet.
  3. Witness immediate action of the product through the fresh blue water
  4. Until usage, keep the second cube in the packaging
  5. Avoid the contact of cleaner with the toilet seat.


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