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Bref WC Gel

For a perfectly clean and fresh toilet, at an affordable price!

It maintains cleanliness and freshness in your toilet and works effectively against lime scale and urine stains.

Bref WC Gel Toilet Cleaner is a liquid toilet cleaner that removes dirt in your toilet while leaving a pleasant fragrance at an affordable price.

Bref WC Gel Toilet Cleaner is designed to act especially under the rim of the bowl where the majority of the dirt and bad odor occurs.

  1. Child Safety Cap: to open the cap, press down on both sides of the cap and unscrew.
  2. Squirt the gel evenly under the rim to cover the entire toilet bowl.
  3. After use, screw the cap back on the bottle until you hear a “click”.
  4. Let the product act for some time, then use the toilet brush.
  5. Flush.

For regular maintenance and sanitation, use Bref 6x Effect Power-Gel weekly. Leave it in the toilet during 15 minutes and then flush. After it, use Bref Power Aktiv to prevent against further build up and maintain freshness in your toilet!

For important dirt build-up and in depth cleaning, leave Bref 6x Effect Power-Gel overnight.


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